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“Highly recommended if you’re planning a conference, private party, or other event.”

Phoenix Magazine

If you are looking for impact and memorability at your next event, look no further.

“Chris Caldwell is An amazing showman and a consummate entertainer.”

Scottsdale Tribune

“Chris Caldwell is one of those spectacular entertainers that just wowed everyone.”

Katherine Christensen
Meeting Professionals

“People are still talking about Chris Caldwell’s performance!”

Joyce Losnegard
Alaska Telephone Association
Anchorage, AK

“the first standing ovation from our group. An Amazing performance from Chris Caldwell.”

Lori A. Holloway
Max Arnold & Sons
Hopkinsville, KY

“Chris Caldwell was so amazing I can’t even put it into words. This made a huge impression on everyone.”

John Pouliot
Maynard, MA

“i Highly recommend Chris Caldwell to anyone looking for unique entertainment.”

Scott Gauthier
Jewelry by Gauthier
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Chris Caldwell’s ability to read minds of an overflow audience at the NAPS Annual Conference in San Francisco dazzled everyone.”

George Snider
Sanford Rose Associates
Akron, Ohio

“He is just phenomenal. We are fortunate to be able to get Chris Caldwell to entertain at our Friday night dinner, too.”

Gordon Heiges
Arkansas Broadcasters
Little Rock, AR

“Chris Caldwell’s show was the greatest! his ability to focus on simplicity makes it that much more astounding.”

Jakob Nielsen
Best Selling Author
Designing Web Usability
Mountain View, California

“It was thrilling to hear the audience’s gasps of delight as Chris Caldwell performed.”

Denise Wetherington
Phoenix, Arizona

“Several ABA members recently saw Chris Caldwell perform and were astonished.”

Jim McCall
Arkansas Broadcasters
Little Rock, AR

“...thumbs up on the Miami conference, and Chris Caldwell. The founder just said that they would be hard pressed to find something to top him.”

Wai F. Hoi, Manager
Nanocomposites, Inc
Spring, Texas

“They were spellbound by Chris Caldwell and were still talking about his show on Monday.”

Ralph Tranter
Chief of Police
Tempe, Arizona

“Wow! Chris Caldwell impressed our guests and gave them an evening to remember. Highly recommended.”

Dennis Martyka
Scottsdale, AZ

“the best conference in recent years. We owe a great deal of that to Chris Caldwell’s skills.”

Jim Tann
Brick Institute of America
Canton, Ohio

“Chris Caldwell drew rave reviews from everyone. He’s truly a phenomenon.”

Jeffrey Barbanell
Life Underwriters
Phoenix, Arizona

“the best party we’ve had in years! Everyone is still talking about Chris Caldwell’s performance.”

Tammy Pollack
Imperial Nurseries
Granby, Connecticut

“Chris Caldwell was fantastic. The guests have not stopped talking about his performance.”

Dan Crapsi
Direct Current Productions
Phoenix, Arizona

“Our group thought Chris Caldwell’s program was terrific. They’ve not stopped talking about it.”

George Obst
Dental Services Group
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“You have no idea how incredibly powerful the mind is until you see Chris Caldwell’s show.”

Carole Beller
Fairmont Princess Resort
Scottsdale, AZ

“everyone’s favorite of all the events we have put on. Our staff is still commenting on how Chris Caldwell baffled them.”

Teresa Sedlacek
Symix Systems, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio

“incredibly pleased with Chris Caldwell’s performance at the AORN congress in New Orleans this week. The nurses loved him.”

Kathy Wartner
Phoenix, AZ

“An outstanding show. I look forward to getting Chris Caldwell involved in additional Telecom Conferences.”

Jeff Lattomus, VP
Meta Switch Networks
West and Canada

Create an event people will remember.

Mentalist Chris Caldwell helps event planners create memorable experiences for their guests.

Are you an event planner looking for something new and different that will make a lasting impression on your guests? Entertainer Chris Caldwell offers a first-class presentation that involves the audience, is simple to set up, and is absolutely amazing.

As a mentalist, Chris demonstrates an uncanny ability to read minds in a stunning 45 minute program. People don’t just watch his presentation, they participate in the experience.

In an energetic display of showmanship, Chris reveals birth dates, names of pets, names of children, important events, and thoughts known only to members of the audience.

Volunteers seal his eyes shut with large coins, duct tape, and a thick cloth. Incredibly, Chris describes objects your guests freely select from their own pockets or purses. He dramatically divines a number chosen at random from any phone book, makes the hands on someone’s watch eerily move to a thought-of time, causes silverware to crawl across the floor, links borrowed wedding rings, and demonstrates the “power of suggestion” by predicting the decisions several audience members will make.

Mentalist Chris Caldwell links three borrowed wedding rings!

Mentalist Chris Caldwell makes a corporate event unforgettable.

Absolutely no information is given to him before a show and no one is in collusion with him. This spontaneity is what makes Chris Caldwell’s “Magic of the Mind” one of the most fascinating programs you will ever see.

Book Mentalist Chris Caldwell when you want sophisticated entertainment that:

  • Involves the audience
  • Works in any venue
  • Entertains audiences from 10 to 1000.
  • Is corporate-friendly and fun.

Your guests will thank you for giving them something new and different.


Chris has entertained Nobel Prize winning scientists and mathematicians, the governors of New Jersey and Arizona, police departments, best selling authors, Muhammad Ali and other celebrities, and the world’s largest corporations, including American Express, VISA, Dial Corporation, Monster, bp Global, Amtrak, Chase, and hundreds more.


As an event planner, you get one chance to make a lasting impression. Arrange a presentation by Mentalist Chris Caldwell today.

We know your guests will be thrilled and talking about the experience for years.


In the mid 1980s, while working as a radio personality on WMGK Philadelphia, Chris Caldwell developed an uncanny ability to “predict” what song a caller to the station wanted to hear, just by listening to the tone of their voice. It was so impressive, that he was asked to host station events, dazzling crowds with astonishing mind-reading, magic, and memory skills.

He received media attention for his amazing abilities, and began performing regularly at corporate engagements, trade shows, private parties, and special events.

  • crowd.jpg
    Corporate event entertainment that completely involves your guests.
  • ali.jpg
    Entertaining Muhammad and Lonnie Ali.
  • designdupe.jpg
    A member of the audience drew a secret picture. Chris telepathically perceived the drawing and duplicated it exactly from the stage. Here's the proof!
  • ginny.jpg
    Amazing Ginny at her special birthday by divining the name of her childhood friend.
  • gordon.jpg
    Teaching Gordon Lightfoot how to memorize lyrics.
  • gov.jpg
    Working with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.
  • phonebook.jpg
    An audience member turns to a random page in a phonebook, and places his finger on any phone number. From across the room, Chris reveals the exact number.
  • rings2.jpg
    Three wedding rings are borrowed, then visibly linked to each other. The rings then are magically un-linked--without Chris touching them!
  • wallets.jpg
    Revealing the thoughts of randomly chosen audience members.

Chris left the radio industry in 1996 to pursue a career in live theatrical entertainment on a full-time basis.

Today, Mentalist Chris Caldwell is one of the most requested corporate entertainers in North America. He performs in the finest resort hotels, theaters, conference rooms, and hospitality suites. He’s also a powerful trade show booth magnet, and a dynamic emcee.

Mentalist Chris Caldwell creates joy and amazement at a conference event.

Chris is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, but performs at events across North America and around the world.

If you are looking for impact and memorability at your next event, look no further.

Book Corporate Event Entertainer Mentalist Chris Caldwell today, and make your event absolutely unforgettable.